Sunday, January 20, 2019

The Passing Place podcast - episode one

Drew Ratter and me, talking. Everything including the kitchen sink, from a Shetland perspective. We're going to try and do this weekly. This first episode is a kind of introduction, and covers Shetland, its economy, history and some scathing remarks about local government. Then we sort out Brexit. Of course we do. And Prince Philip...

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Beatcroft social as winds batters the Attic of Obscurity

Not that bad, to be honest. perhaps tipping 70mph at its worst, which is not quite up to the 120mph-plus winds of yore. This 300-odd-years-old house is still up, anyway, though it did shoogle and vibrate during the night. We're just about 20 of your old feet from high water mark, and in the past, the kitchen has been three feet underwater.

There's been rock armouring put in since then, and flood protection, but our power sockets are all above waist level on the ground floor.

Anyway, we struggled to get this show on the air, using a different system from the one deployed over the past few months. We just can't seem to get enough bandwidth, hence the lack of a Beatcroft camera and the audio-only nature of this programme.

And then the software we use, DJ Pro, began playing up, weirdly centred on a single track by Yvonne Lyon, which not only refused to play but also stopped any other track being uploaded for a period. After a bit, it was as if we'd cleaned the electronic pipes through which the music and chat flows, and it all began to work.

So get past the strange squeaks and blips of the first two tracks, and it settles down. I promise!

Sunday, August 26, 2018

A brand new Beatcroft Social

Here's a brand new Beatcroft Social (25 August) featuring the debut of Clive's Collection - a regular weekly feature with legendary Lerwick record shop owner Clive Munro choosing three favourite tracks.

Oh, and also a link to the page belonging to faithful companion Zetdogg, which includes the show and a brand new diatribe about 'cruisists', whoever they are.

Sunday, August 05, 2018

The latest Beatcroft Social show and some hitherto unseen pictures!

Here's the Mixcloud player for the Beatcroft Social from 4 August 2018 - and some pictures from round and about, taken this morning (early Sunday 5 August) on my 2004 Fujifilm E550 compact camera (6.3 megapixels, as you're asking). Old CCD digicams are capable of amazing results.

The badge on my hat, by the way celebrates the excellent band Aberfeldy and the Sandy Wright song they used to perform about the late, great Tom Weir. In case you were wondering.